There has been a drastic increase in popularity of recreational paddling. AdventurSmart aims to increase the knowledge, skills and abilities of those who want to paddle, and make them better paddlers.


This course is designed for Educators, to serve as a guide to delivering the PaddleSmart program to recreational paddlers. The objective is to deliver an engaging presentation.

The length of each presentation will depend on both the audience and the breadth of experience that the Educator brings to the topic. This can be done as a quick 30 minute experience or an entire in-depth weekend – or any length between the two.

Course Overview

Learn the basics of the program, including the three Ts – Trip Planning, Training, and Taking The Essentials, before diving deep into PaddleSmart on Moving Water. This program is similar in many ways to the Survive Outside course, but offers additional training that is specific to paddling and adventuring out on the water. 

Introducing the Presentation

Learn how to properly introduce both yourself, and the program to your audience. Make sure to include a hook and rationale that will get participants interested in the presentation, and inform them of the purpose of the program. 

The Basics

Learn about the 3T’s – Trip Planning, Training, and Taking the Essentials, as well as the dangers of alcohol and paddling, and the ins and outs of hypothermia. 

Paddling on Moving Water

Revisit the 3T’s to learn about the challenges posed by moving water (trip planning), the special knowledge and skills need for paddling in moving water (training) and the safety and survival gear needed for moving water (taking the essentials). 

Concluding the Presentation

Learn how to properly summarize and conclude the PaddleSmart course. Take time for questions and answers, and provide additional information and resources on paddling safety. 

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Course Content

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Module 1 - Recreational Paddling
Module 2 - Moving Water

What’s Next?

Following the completion of the course material, you will be prompted to take a final exam in order to earn your course certificate. Take your time and study the material before attempting the exam – in order to pass you will need to obtain a minimum grade of 80%. 

Course Certificate

Once you have passed the final exam, you will receive a course certificate and become a certified PaddleSmart Educator. From there you can head over to and begin the process of registering yourself as an Outdoor Educator! 

Register as an Official Educator & Access Additional Resources

Visit to register yourself as an official Educator and gain access to additional presentation resources, schedule presentations, and submit post presentation reports.