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During the winter months, Canada is a snowmobiling mecca. From fast-flowing trails to pristine off-piste backcountry, snowmobiling is a popular winter activity which allows participants to experience winter’s splendor in the great outdoors.

Like all recreational activities, there are inherent risks that require snowmobile riders to act responsibly by being prepared and making good choices. Snowmobilers will encounter frozen lakes and deep backcountry powder that can be challenging terrain for even the most experienced riders.

About the Course

This course is designed to serve as a guide to those delivering the Survive Outside – Snowmobiling program. The objective is to deliver an introductory “heads up” presentation. Educators should encourage their audience to take hands on training courses such as avalanche awareness, first aid and companion rescue training, and learn from experienced opertators for more detailed instructions on safe snowmobile operation. 

The presentation is designed in three modules; Survival and Snowmobile Safety, Survival on Ice, and Snowmobile Avalanche Awareness. As snowmobilers are likely to encounter ice anywhere in Canada, the first two modules are to be included in all presentations. The avalanche awareness module should be included whenever the participants may encounter avalanche terrain or indicate interest.

Timing points suggest a two-hour time block for the first two modules and one hour for module 3, but this will depend on the level of detail the presenter offers on each topic.


Course Overview

The course content is divided into three modules – Survival and Snowmobile Safety, Survival on Ice, and Snowmobile Avalanche Awareness. In addition to the core modules, you will learn how to properly open and close the presentation, and many helpful tips and scenarios along the way. 

Introducing the Presentation

Learn how to properly introduce both yourself, and the program to your audience. Make sure to include a hook and rationale that will get participants interested in the presentation, and inform them of the purpose of the program. 

Safety and Survival

Learn everything from what equipment to carry with you when snowmobiling, to how to survive breaking through the ice into frigid waters.

Avalanche Awareness

Learn about avalanche safety and survival equipment, as well as safety and survival in avalanche terrain. Everything from the essential gear, to locating and rescuing a companion following an avalanche is covered. 

Concluding the Presentation

Learn how to properly summarize and conclude the Survive Outside – Snowmobiling course. Take time for questions and answers, and provide additional information and resources on snowmobiling and avalanche safety.

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The Presentation Introduction
Module 1 - Survival and Snowmobile Safety
Module 2 - Survival on Ice
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Module 3 - Avalanche Awareness
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What’s Next?

Following the completion of the course material, you will be prompted to take a final exam in order to earn your course certificate. Take your time and study the material before attempting the exam – in order to pass you will need to obtain a minimum grade of 80%. 

Course Certificate

Once you have passed the final exam, you will receive a course certificate and become a certified Survive Outside – Snowmobiling Educator. From there you can head over to and begin the process of registering yourself as an Outdoor Educator! 

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