Questions to Ask Your Audience

Question #1

Q: What are you supposed to do if you get lost? 

A: Stay put and HUG-A-TREE!


Question #2

Q: How do you pick a tree?

A: Avoid tall trees all by themselves; these can attract lightning during a thunderstorm. Instead, pick one you can put your arms around and which is near a clearing in the woods, but don’t wander around looking for the perfect tree.

Question #3

Q: What did John make at the base of his tree? 

A: He gathered branches with plenty of leaves and needles on them to make a nest, to insulate him from the cold ground. 


Question #4

Q: Where did John find his emergency shelter? 

A: In his backpack, so you should all carry one with you when you go camping, have a picnic, or go on a hike.

Question #5

Q: What colour was John’s emergency shelter?

 A: Orange, because orange is easy to see in the woods. You can also use silver as it is very reflective


Question #6

Q: How did the searchers find out which way John went?

A: They used the tracks that his shoes made on the ground, which are called footprints.


Question #7

Q: What else did the footprints give the searchers? 

A: John’s scent. Wherever you go you leave a trace scent. People cannot smell it so search and rescue dogs, like the one used to help find John, are used. These are very smart dogs, who only want to find you and be your friend. They usually wear a bright orange vest and will protect you until the other searchers arrive.


Question #8

Q: What other ways did John attract the searchers attention?

A: He yelled and used his whistle.


Question #9

Q: There is a special way to make a signal when you’re in trouble. What is it? 

A: You can blow your whistle three times or bang the tree three times.


Question #10

Q: What would you do if you heard a sound in the dark that scared you? 

A: Yell at it or better yet blow your whistle to scare it off if it is an animal and signal if it is a searcher.


Question #11

Q: What is another way of signalling?

A: Another way to signal for help is with visual signals. When you use them remember that your eyes see movement better than anything else. So any signal has to move.


Question #12

Q: What are some visual signals?

A: Signal mirrors, flashlights, waving some bright cloth and making yourself big. 

Question #13


Q: What if you see or hear an airplane or helicopter, what should you do?

A: Make yourself BIG!

Question #14

Q: How do you do that?

A: You lie on the ground, wave a bright cloth or make big arrows, an “X” or “S.O.S.” sign on the ground.