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Snow Safety

Winter activities, such as skiing and snowboarding have increased in popularity. Being prepared by getting the proper training is key to having a safe and enjoyable experience while skiing or boarding.

Snow Safety presentations can be adapted to fit with the age of the audience and to the amount of time allocated to the presentation, as long as the key messaging of AdventureSmart: Trip Planning, Training, and Taking the Essentials (commonly referred to as the 3 T’s) is covered. 


About the Course

The Snow Safety Education Program (SSEP) has been developed by Monica Nissen, to increase awareness of outdoor winter hazards and to promote accident prevention, while encouraging safe participation in activities such as skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling. SSEP began as an initiative in conjunction with Nelson Search and Rescue Society, and has been supported by Columbia Basin Trust, Canadian Avalanche Foundation, BC Hydro, Selkirk Wilderness Skiing, and Mountain Equipment Co-0p.

Course Overview

The Snow Safety content is divided into two parts – inside the ski area boundary and outside the ski area boundary (into the backcountry). Along the way we will cover a number of different activities you can do with your class to help reinforce their learning.

Introducing The Presentation

Learn how to properly introduce both yourself, and the program to your audience. Make sure to include a hook and rationale that will get participants interested in the presentation, and inform them of the purpose of the program. 

Playing it Safe

Learn about ski hill safety for skiers and snowboarders, including the Alpine Responsibility Code, hill signage, and hazards on the hill. 


Out of Bounds

Learn about how to be prepared for and how to stay safe in the backcountry. This section also covers avalanche awareness. 

Concluding the Presentation

Learn how to properly summarize and conclude the Snow Safety course. Take time for questions and answers, and provide additional information and resources on ski hill and avalanche safety.

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What’s Next?

Following the completion of the course material, you will be prompted to take a final exam in order to earn your course certificate. Take your time and study the material before attempting the exam – in order to pass you will need to obtain a minimum grade of 80%. 

Course Certificate

Once you have passed the final exam, you will receive a course certificate and become a certified Snow Safety Educator. From there you can head over to and begin the process of registering yourself as an Outdoor Educator! 

Register as an Official Educator & Access Additional Resources

Visit to register yourself as an official Educator and gain access to additional presentation resources, schedule presentations, and submit post presentation reports.